Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Potter's Fire Alarm Control Panel is a microprocessor based unit designed for small commercial, residential, multi-family, institutional and industrial occupancies. Fully configurable using DIP switches, it enables the user to configure the system to meet their specific requirements.

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

The PS-24 can be used in all areas where Photoelectric SmokeDetectors are required. The wide range smoke chamber makes the PS-24 well suited for fires ranging from smoldering to flaming fires.

Heat Sensor

The heat sensor provides accurate temperature measurement data to the fire alarm control panel. This sensor is particularly suited to environments where smoke detectors are unsuitable because of the presence of system or cooking fumes such as in a kitchen.

Die Cast Manual Pull Stations

The Potter Pull Station Series offers a complete line of die-cast pull stations for a variety of applications focusing mainly on fire alarm systems. The pull stations are available in single or dual action models. All of the pull stations have a 10-amp snap action switch and a dedicated terminal block for the ease of wire connections. All of the metal is completely coated to inhibit corrosion and provide for a uniform and quality finish.